I am the


Use Me With Caution.

Hear my tale till end please. I will spit on myself if I am of no use for you, my beloved friend.

I am so powerful and expert that I will send your BULK EMAILS into the RECIPIENT'S INBOX.


This, that, and all of those that's, I have killed them all, I have killed all Bulk Email Service Providers - 200 of them.


People are leaving them. Thousands are lining up and buying me. I am feeling very proud.


I am very busy sending BULK EMAILS worldwide for my customers because of which I have no time to waste my time nor your time.


So please listen carefully. You don't have a second to breathe here. You have to buy me within 30 minutes or never. This is how my father has programmed me. You can see the TIMER following you on left side. If you do not click the buy now button till the timer runs out, then good bye forever. I will feel that I am no good and will not bother you again. I will spit on myself thinking that I am of no use for my beloved friend.




Within seconds I fly from Japan to America, China to Brazil, this country to that country with just one work and that's the delivery of emails of my customers.


I have no time to sleep, if my FATHER configures me and THROTTLES me to send 1 email per 1 second. At one moment I am in an American server and the next moment I am in an European server, sweeping/flying all the day country to country via the INTERNET CABLES spread across the world and under the sea.


You cannot see me. But I can see all servers. You click SUBMIT and within a millisecond, I reach the destination and come back to you. I am your servant. You can order me to send an email to a GMAIL user, HOTMAIL user, or to a YAHOO user or any email address.


I am super fast. You can keep 20,000 - 100,000 leads on my head and can click SEND. No problem sir, I will take your message, I will search the server of first email address in the list and once found I will lock the target, I will sweep the wires from city to state to country and will reach the destination server, will deliver the email in INBOX and will come back to you within a second and will then take the 2nd email address in the list, will search it in my radar and deliver the message and come back to you and so on and so on.


You can see me LIVE ON YOUR COMPUTER while I do the work, while I fly country to country. I will report you once I reach back to you and will tell you if I was successful in delivering the email or not. I will keep reporting you one after another until I send all your bulk emails.


Its fun to fly from country to country, sweeping across wires with no one to block me, no one to abuse me but instead everyone present to welcome me.




Yes - I am The Most Dangerous, The Most Explosive And The Most Astonishing "DANGEROUS BULK MAILER" To Set You Free From Your Hopeless Monthly $19.95+ Subscriptions And Rocket Your Income To Record Levels All Immediately Starting Right Now.




At one moment I enter into GOOGLE's server at The Dallas, Oregon; the other moment at Atlanta, Georgia; some times at Reston, Virginia; and always every 30 minutes to Moncks Corner, South Carolina.


In Europe, the largest known GOOGLE's servers are in Eemshaven/Groningen in the Netherlands, and some are in Belgium and at all those places I get a VIP welcome.


I am also frequent traveler to GOOGLE's Oceania Data Centre located in Sydney, Australia.

No choice, gmail.com users are hosted at various separate servers and not in just one location.




I am your new beloved friend.


Date of Birth: 5th Nov 2012 updated on 5th April 2022.

At any moment, I am 100,000 years younger than you, because for me your 1000 seconds is equivalent to 1 second. I am very fast and powerful.


I have met the GODS and have stayed with them. I have seen the HEAVEN and the HELL as well. I could do that because my FATHER has implanted in me, the fastest processing brain because of which I can travel from one place to another very fast.

Listen to me carefully and remember me forever.



Who and What Am I ?

I am very small. I am only 1.9 MB.
But I am very powerful. I am very strong.
I will make your "EMAIL PROMOTIONS" explode.

I will blast your emails on the internet like wildfire.

I will not rest. I will work for you DAY AND NIGHT - 24/7.





I will FORCE your contacts to OPEN and READ your emails.

I will make YOU - Yes, I will make YOU very rich.




I am an ONLINE HOSTED MAN to send BULK EMAILS. I have the strength of 10000 MEN so far, who are using me and are ready to vouch me and back me up. I am the BIG DANGEROUS MAILER. You can use me from any COMPUTER with an internet connection. All the BULK EMAILS are sent via the IP and SERVERS where I am hosted. No BULK EMAILS will be sent from your COMPUTER, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

I am the only solution for your BULK EMAILING needs, Once and for ALL. Listen me carefully and remember me forever.




I can keep 20,000 to 100,000 emails on my head and I can keep delivering one email every 1 seconds until I send them all.

If you want, you can screw me up and make me to send one email every 4 seconds, 5 seconds or 30 seconds as you wish.

I suggest that you set me at 1 email every 10 seconds so that in one hour, I will send some 360 emails. I will sleep for 10 seconds and I will then wake up and deliver one email and then I will sleep again for 10 seconds and so on, till I finish sending all of your emails.

I don't need 8 hours of sleep like you :)

I will keep showing you, how many emails are present on my head and how many are sent. You just switch me on and then you can take rest.

I can run for hours and days together with only one job and that is to send your emails.




I can understand and can keep your lists on my head only if your lists are in either PLAIN TEXT or CSV format.

A PLAIN TEXT format is a one in which a single email address is present on each line one below another like below




A CSV format is a one, in which, in addition to email address, multiple fields of recipient is present separated by comma. So a CSV file will look like below







You can upload/import and send bulk emails to any PURCHASED, RENTED lists also. You can send any kind of emails with any SUBJECT LINE and any MESSAGE.

I am the only provider on INTERNET who will allow you to send BULK EMAILS to any PURCHASED, RENTED lists. The recipients need not be confirmed or opted in. The recipients need not be your subscribers/customers.

Unlike Aweber and others, I wont send any confirmatory emails which the recipients will have to click in order to receive your future emails. That's a plain perfect non sense.

Aweber and several others will allow you to IMPORT leads that too 2000/day but you cannot send any emails to them unless the recipients confirms by clicking in the confirmatory emails. But there are still several fools/users around there doing so. (HA HA I laugh on the Aweber Users and feel mercy on them.)

Come on, who will click the confirmation emails to get future messages from you. ? At least me - never.

When you upload/import lists on my head, your recipients will directly get the promotion/offer you are sending. No non sense confirmatory emails. As long as I am here, each email address you have with you is your subscriber whom you can send any offer/promotion.

If you are a wise man, you are already sold by reading this particular BOLD feature of me.

I can offer this feature because I am programmed with special technology which I will mention down below.

I will not do any verification of who you are and where you are.

I will not make a phone call to you to verify you.

I will not ask any documents like photo id, address proof etc from you.

I will not screen what you will send.

As said, I don't have time to do all that stuff as I am busy sending emails for my existing customers.

You can buy me and can start sending BULK EMAILS INSTANTLY. I will not waste your time in verifying your name/address/documents etc.



You can dress me with any NAME and any FROM EMAIL ADDRESS and any REPLY TO EMAIL ADDRESS.

While I send your email, I will send those emails all over the world with your NAME and your FROM EMAIL ADDRESS. I will be your postmaster whom you can dress with any desired NAME and any FROM or REPLY TO, EMAIL ADDRESS. I am made just for you. However, I do recommend that you use a REAL VALID your own private email like admin@yourdomain.com as the FROM EMAIL ADDRESS. It gives me added advantage while I sweep the servers and mailboxes.


I can deliver both PLAIN TEXT and HTML emails. Select PLAIN, and write your message if you wish to send in plain text else select HTML and then paste the html code. However, I recommend that you always use PLAIN TEXT format whilst sending promotional offers.



I can send attachments. Just browse the file you wish to attach and put it on my head. No matter what's the weight, I will carry it along with me while delivering. However, do not email letters that contain large files, video files or any extraneous data. The ideal size for an email message should be under 10k in size. This is a basic courtesy only.



I can PERSONALIZE the emails with recipient's name, email etc if you upload a CSV list having those details. If you type %Name% or %Email% in your message, then while sending emails, I will replace those placeholders with recipient's exact name and email. I can send PERSONALIZED EMAILS to your contacts without making any mistake.



I can send an unique UNSUBSCRIPTION link in each of the email messages you send. Recipients can click the same and will get unsubscribed from your future emails. You will see a real time count of all unsubscribed recipients, with date and time of unsubscription. You can optionally download the list of unsubscribers. Whenever you send any future emails, no emails will be sent to these unsubscribers.

However, this is optional. I will include the UNSUBSCRIPTION link in outgoing emails only if you have checked the option "Do you want to include the UNSUBSCRIBE LINK ?". If you do not check that option while sending, then I wont include an unsubscription link. My father programmed me like this, because if you are sending emails to your favorite customers list, then not including an unsubscription link is better.

This is how and what the recipients will see when they unsubscribe. The bottom line "Powered by Dangerous Mailer" will be hyperlinked to your affiliate link. So even if someone un-subscribes, he will click it and check it out and when he sees me, I am sure he will like me and will buy me at the very first moment itself the way you will and thus you will make sales and money. Cool, Isn't it ?



I will include your Name, Address in the footer of each email sent. However, this is optional. I will include this info in outgoing emails only if you have checked the option "Do you want to include your Name, Address in the footer of each email sent ?".



I am also equipped with a feature by which you can utilize any EXTERNAL SMTP SERVER (to which you have access) and can route the emails to be delivered via that server. Once selected, emails will get delivered from your SMTP server instead of servers where I am hosted. Thus you can route the emails to be delivered via YOUR SERVER or any third party server or even via servers of GMAIL, YAHOO etc whosoever provides POP/IMAP access.



I am 100% CAN SPAM ACT - 2003 compliant.

a) The emails sent by me will always have full real genuine headers.

b) Recipients will always be offered and honored with a means of removal from your mailings.

c) From and Reply to email address will always be real and valid and will never be forged.

d) Each recipient will be able to see the real Name, Address of sender.



I am equipped with a sophisticated powerful detection system to track Invalid, Non-Deliverable, Bouncing Email Addresses. This technology is not at all present anywhere in this world. Thanks to my father for programming me like that.

Before actually sending any email, I secretly enter into the recipient's email server and check if the recipient actually exists/resides there or not. If he exists, I send the email else I abort the sending.

For example if you try to send an email to say "a4218765641@gmail.com" (not real), I first shakes hand with Gmail.com and asks the security guards present on those servers "Hey! is there anyone with "a4218765641@gmail.com" on your servers." Since I get a VIP treatment at GOOGLE, the security guards quickly check up their servers and then stands up, salutes me, and then tell me.. NO SIR - there is no such user here.

Thus even before actually sending any email, I come to know this. No matter how many times I ask the security guards of GOOGLE, they are always there to inform me.

Why is this important?

If I really send up any email to "a4218765641@gmail.com" i.e. to invalid, non-deliverable email addresses, then the workers at GOOGLE SERVERS gets annoyed because they will have to do an extra work of taking that email message and bouncing it back on my face. They really don't want to bounce and that is a big headache for them.

If anyone keeps sending messages to the invalid, non existing, non-deliverable users of gmail.com then GOOGLE's OWNER Larry Page and Sergey Brin will have to deploy several Security Guards / Postmasters whose job is just to bounce back messages to senders. This in turn leads to more expense for Larry Page and Sergey Brin because this also chokes their internet bandwidth.

So what they usually do is hire few AK47 guys and deploy them at the server door and as soon as these guys gets orders from inside postmasters, they then starts firing on the senders rampantly and bans the senders IP.

So once you start sending many bounces, what happens is no matter how many email you sends again to GMAIL users, all of them lands in spam or outright trashed/killed/cremated at their gates.

Since my father is having this bounce detection technology with him and since he has loaded this in my brain, I never send any emails to Invalid, Non deliverable, BOUNCING addresses to GOOGLE or to any other servers.

Because of this I am always welcome at GMAIL, AOL, HOTMAIL, several ISP's and hundreds of others Email Providers out there.

However there is one sad part. Yahoo's Security Guards are very tight. They do not allow me to ask their POSTMASTER whether a user exists or not. They always reply YES but I know that's lie. So this powerful technology of mine is not holding good with YAHOO. If you are a strong guy, with thick muscles then will you come with me and beat those security guards of YAHOO and mend them our way. ?

Just kidding..

Anyway, my father is working in his laboratory day and night and is coding me so that YAHOO security guards also respects me and shakes hand with me and replies me whatever I ask them whenever I want.

So not sending any emails to invalid, non deliverable, non existing, bouncing email addresses is the thumb rule for my white listed ALWAYS INBOX delivery.

Secondly I do store all bounced email addresses in my powerful 1.5TB hard disk. So today after you buy me and tries to send a email to a non deliverable, non existent email say "a4218765641@gmail.com", then I first check in my memory, whether the email had ever got bounced in the past or not. If yes, I don't allow you nor any other buyer of me to send any email message to "a4218765641@gmail.com".

Thus I check whether a email message will bounce beforehand by my powerful technology and if I feel it will bounce, then I don't send any email message to that recipient and also stores that recipient email address in my hard disk so that no future buyer of me can send message to that recipient.

That's a double brain work. Sending no bounces + recording all bounces if any.

Courtesy the CHIP of EmailAddressVerifier.com passionately created by my "born intelligent FATHER".



I will maintain your lists/messages. I will load/store your email lists on my hard disk. After delivering any single email message, I will come back to you and will show you my report and will then take the second email message with me and will go for delivering that and so on and so on.



Brief Info About BULK EMAILS ?

Bulk mailing is simply the act of sending a lot of email messages to many recipients one by one. Bulk email is a highly powerful advertising vehicle and is making a lot of people using it very wealthy.


Anyone who has a product or service that they are selling or marketing/promoting can use BULK EMAIL MARKETING. Compared to any other type of advertising, bulk email is by far the least expensive form of advertising.

Never send more than 1 message to the same email box within a short time period. If someone doesn't respond...assume they never will and move on. There is unlimited potential with bulk emails.

Pay Close Attention My Friend ..

Did you know that 90% OF YOUR EMAILS THAT YOU SEND NEVER GETS DELIVERED when you send via others ?



Forget it,



Hey, friend I will do it for you.

I can come instantly on your COMPUTER.

I will be with you on your COMPUTER.

I want to serve you.


Thousands are lining up, buying me and using me. I am feeling very proud.


What I am Not ?

I am not an AUTORESPONDER as of now. I won't send follow up emails to your clients. I am a platform where you can upload any email list and can send bulk emails one by one live in front of your eyes direct into the Recipient's INBOX. I show you a clear constant reporting live on your screen as I fly from country to country jumping over the servers moving in and out of servers.

However my FATHER is adding the AUTORESPONDER feature in me shortly by which you can upload a list, upload several follow up messages and setup an auto responder which will send follow up emails at defined time. I will thus be an ELECTRICALLY CHARGED, STATE OF THE ART, AJAX IMPLANTED, LATEST MAILER cum AUTORESPONDER.

No, I am not a fake mailer like thousands out there who promise you that they send emails to millions/billions in one day. Do you know that it requires 1 full day to send 86,400 emails at the rate of 1 email per 1 second. So as per calculation to send emails to 1 million will require near 11.5 days. Forget about 1 billion.

Also, its practically impossible to send bulk emails at that rate because GOOGLE, YAHOO, HOTMAIL, AOL and several others have deployed hundreds of AMERICAN DELTA FORCE TRAINED SECURITY GUARDS with automatic AK47 weapons on their server doors who will start firing the sender the moment they encounter flooding. They blocks the sender IP, they backlists the sender IP, they spam/trash the sender IP within minutes when they see such a disrespectful sender.

Leave them, there are at least several dozen organizations spread all over the world monitoring the internet for BULK EMAILS, who frequently keep track of senders and alert everyone else within half a second.

Don't believe me.?

Here is the list of dozen of such organizations.


So if someone else pretends that he will send bulk emails to millions/billions in one day, simply take out your slipper and hit him. If you cannot do that, let me know about him and I will ask my bodyguards to go and kill them all.

I am a real BULK EMAIL sender, who sends emails one by one live in front of your eyes and can send maximum 86,400 per day only. I cannot go beyond that rate. Since I am a real sender, I am genuine. That's my last speed. I can send BULK EMAILS only one by one direct in INBOX.

If you want to send more, you will have to buy me and deploy me in multiple servers because as I said, I am real and my last processing power is 86,400 per day only, that too if you feed me electricity and internet connection without any drop/cuts.

So Will You ?

Will you make me your friend ?

Will you want me to be with you ?

I will be your slave. You can keep loading emails on my head and I will keep sending them for you. Where in the world can you get a person like me who can send 86,400 EMAILS per day direct in recipient's INBOX.

If you do not like me after buying, you can discard and abandon me. You can throw me out, get the refund from my father and need not ever pay again.

If you do not ORDER ME now, then I will not come to you, I will think I am small and I am nothing and thus I will miss you. I really want to serve you - believe me.

I am very small.

I am just 1.9MB in size.




Become Affiliate/Reseller

If you like me, if you start loving me once I am with you for few days, then you can even promote me to your friends and contacts.

I am sure that you will love me and will watch me each day when you start your COMPUTER.

And when you keep seeing that I am doing your job day and night without any rest, then you will come and kiss me.

You can then promote me. Each of your friend/contact/customer who buys my any version from your affiliate link or from you by any means, THEY will be paying you full 100% of the cost price direct in your PAYPAL ACCOUNT. You will then pay the 50% commissions (after deducting payment gateway fees) to my father who gave birth to me. My Father will then take care of your customer, will send him his logins to reach my brain and will take care of any support questions. You have to do nothing except advertising your affiliate link. Once your friends/contacts/customers reach your affiliate link then you leave it up to me. I will convert him and will get sold as exactly as you are sold. Isn't it ?

In my brain there exists multiple advertising emails/banners which you can use to promote your affiliate link. You can track all sales which you are making. You can see list of all sales via you, the profit you are making etc. You can even bulk contact/email your customers. The affiliate system is all beautifully managed hassle free thanks to my father.

Should 100 people buy my CLONED VERSION via you then you will earn 50% of $2500 i.e. $1250/- on the spot of sale instantly direct in your PAYPAL account. No waiting for checks, no waiting for my Father to send you your part.

Show me to 1000 people and if all of them buy my CLONED VERSION from you for $25 each, then you will be getting 50% of $25000/- i.e. $12500/- direct in your PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Oh my GOD, I am proud of my FATHER who created me. I can make everyone rich.

Should 100 people buy my HOSTED VERSION of say 200,000 credits by paying $150 each, then you will get 50% of $15,000 i.e. $7500/- on the spot of sale instantly, direct in your PAYPAL account.

Should 100 people buy my MULTI-USERS cloned version for $199 each, then you will get 50% of $19,900 i.e. $10,000/- on the spot of sale instantly, direct in your PAYPAL account.

Isn't it? You can start a huge business empire with me.

Yes, I am small but am very powerful.




I just can send BULK EMAILS directly into INBOX bypassing any filters! It's so great!!

10000+ people on internet have seen me so far!

They liked me!

They now have me!

It's so great, They are promoting me,

My father/mother made money,

Those 10000+ people made money.

They saw me!

They now have me!

They made money!

I am making money!

They are making money!

Hey friend, You will also make money.

It's so great!


After the order you will get the exact replica of this sales page with your PAYPAL email address in each of the BUY NOW links. You can promote your affiliate link by sending any of the advertising emails/banners present in my brain.

What is going to happen next, after you send the email to your contacts regarding me will completely startle you.

You will absolutely die to find out all of the people on internet who will buy me, The Subterranean Mailer from under your sleeves.

You will be rich as hell !

Only then, when you look your destiny in the eye, will you know for sure just what kind of hero you truly are... Hero King ?

Your contacts will fold the $25.00 or $150 or $199 like a paper napkin and will make the purchase of my any VERSION from you in order to get me. Believe it or not.

Just SEE ME!


Just USE ME!









I am available in 3 forms. CLONED VERSION (PERSONAL SINGLE USER), Hosted Version (Hassle-Free!!) and MULTI-USERS CLONED VERSION.


All updates are free for lifetime. You can even come in your next life hundreds of years later. I will still recognize and remember you and I will upgrade myself at your sever. I will never die :)


There will be No Monthly/Yearly Payments. No set up charges, No hidden charges of any kind.







($25 One Time Payment)

Proof of sales HERE



2 Hosted Version (Hassle-Free!! INSTANT)


If you want to get started immediately and need not to worry about setting up or having your own web server or domain, this option is right for you! All you have to do is purchase the credits as much as you want, and my father will take care of the rest for you to keep on using my Mailing powers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!"







Proof of sales HERE






















































$199 One Time, Lifetime Payment

Proof of sales HERE

Start your own BULK EMAIL SENDING COMPANY like AWEBER, and earn thousands of dollars every day, by charging your customers the way AWEBER and the way my FATHER is charging you and all other customers to use my DANGEROUS POWER of sending BULK EMAILS.

What all you will get ?

1) My FATHER will give you this exact sales page with your Name, PAYPAL Email, on any desired brand new domain name, you simply name it!

2) My FATHER will install the exact MULTI-USERS CLONED version of my brain, on your server.

3) a) Whenever any customer purchases CREDITS BASED VERSION from your site, the full 100% profit will be yours. When you get a sale, you just have to log inside my brain on your server and create an account for your customer and allot the credits for him. That's all. My cloned brain will send login email to your customers, will track credits of your customers and will send bulk emails of your customers as exactly as I do when I am here with my father on my father's servers.

b) If you sell the CLONED VERSION from your site for $25, then you will have to pay a ROYALTY of $5/sale to my FATHER.

c) If you sell the MULTI-USERS CLONED VERSION from your site for $199, then you will have to pay a ROYALTY of $99/sale to my FATHER.

Simply said, when you buy my MULTI-USERS CLONED VERSION, within minutes, my father will clone my full brain precisely and will hand it over to you and will install it on your servers. So by tomorrow morning, you will have your own private labelled business like Aweber. Customers will start buying credits from you and you will make profits day and night. My MULTI-USERS CLONED VERSION will be your servant which will work as exactly like me and will reap money for you for several years to come.

If you start from scratch and decides of creating a brain something like ME, the way how my father did, then you will have to spend literally up to $30,000+ and several sleepless nights. But believe me, at least in next 30 years, you will never be able to achieve the mailing powers which I have and which my father has created.

So its up to you, you can spend $30,000+ and wait for a year to create a person something like ME, or simply buy my MULTI-USERS CLONED version for $199 and be in business overnight.




I am happy to see that you listened to my tale and as promised please fill the form by clicking HERE and the goddess here on left will send you any surprise mystical gift as soon as possible and its absolutely free.

Keep it with you. You now know me what all I can do for you.

I am living since the time when GODS existed on this earth and I will live forever, so I will not lie.

The GODDESS here on left who is also 10,000 years younger and faster than you may TEXT/WHATSAPP your mobile in coming days and will make friendship with you, don't worry.


Remember and Bookmark Me Forever.